Pastor's Perch

February 2015

Want Quality of Life? Get a New Chair!

I delete more emails than I read. No doubt that's true for a lot of people. Even with the prospers filters and safeguards in place, a lot of unwanted stuff worms its way into the "in box."

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The Blood of Martyrs

“The Blood of the Martyrs Is the Seed of the Church”

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Pastoral Letter on Giving

 A Pastoral Letter

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The Future

     You have perhaps heard the expression, “we don’t know what the future holds, but we do know who holds the future?” It’s not a Bible passage, but it certainly tells a Bible truth. It also expresses a thought that is very fitting as we begin a new year. Who knows what 2015 holds for us – as individuals, as families, as a congregation, as a synod, as a nation? Who knows what the future holds for any and all of God’s creation?

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