Well - it's barely 9:00 in the morning and already my email inbox and Facebook page are filled with "It's Giving Tuesday." Just about everyone - for just about anything - some very worthy causes, some not so much, are appealing for my gift.

At first, I was a little annoyed, but then got over it. Creative minds and clever thinking will always come up with something to help them achieve their goals and support their cause. (Maybe I can leaern something from them! Remember that parable of the "unjust steward.")Anyway, it must work if people keep doing it.

But rather than be annoyed by it all, let it be a little spiritual reminder and faith booster. Just a moment with God's Word and a minute of prayerful meditation can remind us that with our good and gracious God, its always "Giving" Tuesday. A day doesn't go by when he does not remind us of how he put his grace on display in that little town of Bethlehem so long ago. Each and every day he pours out his grace on us so we can know who he is, feel his presence, and plug into his power - the power of the cross and the certain hope of glory.

God so loved the world that he GAVE  ..............